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Henkuai - World Influencer Alliance update

Dear friends and partners: I always fail to communicate the things we do so I will start sharing with you updates on the projects we work on so you can join us if you are interested.
Young European Leader - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China
First of all, I am extremely honoured and grateful for having been selected as the only Spanish "Young European Leader" by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, a program that will take place in Beijing and Chengdu in September. I will do my best to provide value.
Collaboration with Beijing TV Show for Spain´s promotion in China as part of Spain China Project
As a result of Spain China Summit Beijing we had the opportunity to help a Reality TV Show of Beijing TV to shoot in Spain. These last couple of weeks, a production team of 60 people, including some KOLs and one celebrity with more than 11 million followers, have been shooting in Barcelona and Mallorca a show that is expected to have more than 60 million viewers only on TV and even more on digital platforms. I wanted to thank Barcelona Tourism, Fairmont Hotel and other partners for their support.
Western influencers promotion trips to China with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Also, as you may know, we had a Spanish KOL trip to the Silk Road the last week of July. Now we are planning two more trips, one with Guizhou government with KOLs from France, US and other countries, and another more for the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China. Very happy that three of our singers have shot a Music Video in China that will be released very soon. Music videos are probably the most effective communication tools nowadays, so I am happy to gravitate towards Music with our projects.
Chinese KOLs trip to Spain Report - More than 200 million views
Last may we had 10 top influencers from China coming to Spain. We have now the report available (more than 350 pages!) with the results of the experience. More than 250 social media publications, hundreds of media impacts, 200 million views, hundreds of thousands of interactions served to improve the Spain´s brand in China and attract more Chinese tourists. You can check the report here
Global Advanced Management Program - IE Business School
Between july and september I am extremely lucky to be a student of the Global Advanced Management Program of IE Business School with amazing classmates and an outstanding faculty. The VP of Salesforce, AI Pioneers, a Former Marine and CIA consultant, top thinkers and amazing human beings with so much to share that are definitely helping all of us to get to the next level. So grateful to IE Business School. I totally recommend it to anybody that wants to make an impact, understand the new world and change the game. Here you have the link: https://www.ie.edu/executive-education/programs/global-advanced-management-program/ I am also very honoured to have the opportunity to teach a Marketing class at IE University in October. Thanks for the trust, Ana (Rumschisky), what an incredible professor and example of bravery, intelligence, hard work and talent.
JD.com promotion project
These weeks we have been working with JD.com with their marketing in Spain. They are doing an exceptional work to enter the European market, and, interestingly enough, is now the US (Google) the one that invests in China´s technology (JD), (more than 500 Million dollars).
Evergrande Football Championship Spain collaboration
This august we are also working for Evergrande, the second biggest real estate company in China, top soccer team of the country and owner of the biggest soccer school in the world. These days they are organizing a spectacular kids competition with teams such as Real Madrid and others, and we are thrilled to help with the promotion, PR and event organization. We will be launching in 10 days with very relevant figures, including the Chinese Ambassador and top soccer clubs presidents.
Angela Qi, anchor of a TV Show about Spanish Soccer and LaLiga
My spectacular wife and Project Director of Henkuai, Zihan Qi, is going to be an anchor for a online TV Show about Spanish soccer for a Chinese company in partnership with LaLiga, starting in a couple of weeks. She will be travelling to all the Spanish Football stadiums talking about the Spanish soccer culture, teams, fans and, of course, LaLiga, the best soccer league in the world. (Isn´t she amazing?)
We are also working with Spain´s Brand and the Spanish Royal Gastronomy Academy on projects to promote Spain´s gastronomy in the World, with China as the main focus, starting with a comprehensive guide, website and recognition for the best brands, and continuing with omnichannel promotion.
Chongqing Government Delegation - Chongqing and Royal Theatre Collaboration
A couple of weeks ago we had the honour to recieve in Spain a government delegation from Chongqing led by its Minister of Propaganda, Culture and Sports. It was fantastic to discuss the cultural exchange between Chongqing and the Royal Theatre of Madrid. If everything goes forward, the Royal Theatre will arrange an intensive cultural training with opera, ballet, promotion, management and promotion for a selected group of artists and proffesionals from China.
World Influencer Alliance creation
Last, but not least, we are finally launching our new and most exciting project ever: The World Influencer Alliance. A network of Influencial figures in the public and private sector, entretainment and communication that want to use their power to generate positive changes. A select club of people that understand their influence in people´s lives comes with the responsability of working to try to make the world a better place. Our role is to bring together institutions, companies, communicators and societies to find and apply concrete measures that can help solve the world´s problems one task at a time. We want to empower organizations and individuals that want to be part of the solution but currently don´t know what they can do nor have the right incentives to do so. We already have the brand, we are working on the website and presentations, and we are extremely excited about the phenomenal response we are getting. I have shared the initiative with some contacts and they have asured to me that they are all in with us. So looking forward to our WIA Awards and launching ceremony in 2020.
I wish you all a great summer. Thank you so much for being there and for your support.
Let me know if you need anything or would like to cllaborate.
Be great,
Thank you Father. We built this together. You will always be my mentor, my role model and my best friend. Your life meant so much to so many. Always alive.

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