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Carlos Sentís - Henkuai projects and activities - September 2018

More than 100 million people have already watched the Beijing TV show with the Chinese celebrity Huang Zongze (More than 13 million fans on Weibo) and Chinese KOLs that we helped produce in Spain this last july and broadcasted this september.
What an incredible opportunity to promote Spain through its gastronomy and tourism. Thanks Barcelona Turisme, Fairmont Hotel and the rest of the partners and collaborators.
Spain China Business Connect Madrid
Last thursday we had the privilege to introduce more than 70 representatives from Chinese companies, institutions, associations and travel agencies to some of our clients in the fantastic Miguel Angel Hotel Garden in Spain China Business Connect B2B Matching event. Thanks Iberia, LaLiga, Asisa, Royal Theatre, Ie Business School, Miguel Angel Hotel for your support, and thanks to Alibaba, Oppo, China Cultural Centre, China Tourism Administration, ICBC Bank, China Construction Bank, Dacheng Dentons, KPMG and all the other participants for providing so much value, connecting and looking for mutually benefitial collaboration opportunities.
Spain China Project, led by Henkuai and the Spain China Alliance, has gathered the support of more than 80 top institutions and brands from both countries to enhance bilateral relations in the 45th anniversary of Spain China relations. A year where we expect the first visit in 13 years of the President of China, and project in which we have already organized the II Spain China Communication Forum, Spain China Summit Beijing, Spain China Summit Shanghai, 1 delegation of 10 top Chinese influencers with more than 200 million views, friends of Brand Spain event in the Royal Theatre of Madrid, 1 delegation of top Spanish KOls and artist to China with more than 30 million combined followers, 1 TV Show with Beijing TV and a celebrity from China shot in Spain, hundreds of impacts in Chinese and Spanish media outlets, 500 copies of our Spain China Collaboration proposal with 200 pages in Chinese to present the best of Spain to the Chinese market, gathered more than 3000 people in our events and connected dozens of companies and institutions while helping our clients develop their brand and expand their business in China and Spain.
I will share information about our Beijing and Shanghai Spain China Business Connect B2B Matching events, as well as other actions we have been working on these days.
Trip to Morocco with Asisa
I wanted to thank Asisa, one of our main clients and partners, for the opportunity to travel with your team to Morocco this last weekend. They have prepared the best possible experience in Marrakesch. Everything, from the amazing La Mamounia Hotel to the cultural activities and the concerts with our dear Ambar Garcés, that has visited China with us two times, d Carlos Baute was simpl spectacular. So grateful to Jana Alexandrova and Mr Ivorra for the invitation, we had the best time ever.
Asisa China Project, lead by Jana Alexandrova, is doing remarkable progress. Thanks again to Jana and her team, for all these years of friendship and collaboration. Asisa is one of the leading Healthcare companies in Spain and is capable of providing healthcare solutions and value to China, its society and companies both in Mainland China and abroad. So happy that Asisa is already using the Chinese Naming we have created 爱医家 

IE Global Advanced Management Program Graduation
Today we had the graduation ceremony of the Global Advanced Management Program in IE Business School and I couldn´t be more grateful to my dear Antonio Lopez De Avila and Tetyana Kretova for this incredible opportunity. What an extraordinary faculty and what a remarkable group of classmates coming from Saudi Arabia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa, Portugal, Kuwait, France, Lebanon and Spain.
I have now a clear vision on the world´s megatrends, new business models, challenges, opportunities, technologies, industry changes, management and leadrship. I know what to improve to achieve my goals and I have now the support of even more friends with exceptional talent and strong positioning in all kind of sectors with airlines, banks, insurance groups, food and beverages, mining, IT, real estate, fintech, energy, conectivity, healthcare, investment and social impact.
We had the opportunity to present our "Gamechanger plan" with our action plan for the future of our companies or industries. I introduced my vision, my goal and strategy to try to help solve some of the world´s problems with a new for profit social impact aproach.
After 7 years focused on Spain China Relations, now we will work on West China relations while building a network of influencial individuals that want to use their power to make the world a better place. World Influencer Alliance is already a reality, it is getting a lot of support and I can´t wait to share with you our plans for the future. Special thanks to Jaime Torres Fernández for helping me with the presentation design, working until 3 am last night. They all loved your work.
Antonio, Tetyana, thanks again for your support. Really looking forward to all the projects we will share in the next years.
Young European Leader delegation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China
It has been an absolute honor to be selected as Young European Leader by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and to participate in the delegation to Beijing and Chengdu alongside diplomats, politicians and experts from 23 other European countries, to engage in discussions about China Foreign Policy and Relations with Europe and its countries.
Very happy to learn from such a remarkable group of people from so many countries that I can now consider my friends. I want to thank them for allowing me to speak on behalf of the group to thank the Chinese officials and to express my opinion about West China relations.
Thanks to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and the China Diplomatic Academy for the invitation and to the China University of Foreign Affairs, Development Research Center of the State Council, Sichuan Government, Huawei, BAIC Group, Chengdu Gov and all the other companies and institutions that hosted us. Also my friends in China Central Television, Ministry of Commerce of China, General Sport Administration of China, Investment funds and Sichuan Ministry of Culture, Sports, Tourism and Propaganda.
Latin Grammy Awards nominations for Beatriz Luengo and Rozalén
We are so excited to know that two dear friends that have participated in China Influencer Project, Rozalén and Beatriz Luengo, have been nominated for best album this year. The most important music recognition in the Spanish Speaking World that comes as a recognition for the incredible hard work of these two amazing human beings.
Beatriz Luengo, "Cuerpo y Alma"
Congratulations, Beatriz, for the amazing success of your album “Cuerpo y Alma”, and for the nomination for the Grammy Awards. Thank you so much for coming to China with us this july and bringing with you my admired Yotuel, from Orishas. You have shared with all your fans such beautiful pictures and videos there. We are incredibly excited to announce that the music video of your new Single “Postureo” was shot in China. What an honor to participate in the production. The video, directed by Mario Marzo and shot by Mario himself and Steveen, will be featured in the US and the rest of the international promotion campaign for the awards and I am sure it will be a huge success. The song is amazing and the video is absolutely spectacular. Can´t wait to show it to you guys.
Rozalén, "Cuando el río Suena..."

Congratulations Rozalén, for her nominations with the song “La Puerta Violeta” and her album “Cuando el río suena”. She came with us to China last year with the Chinese National Tourism Administration, and gave us the best gift we could ever ask for, this video singing “Girasoles” in Zhangjiajie, the mountains that inspired the film Avatar. Thank you for your voice, your lyrics, your smile and for the way you are. Watching this video makes us so at peace and happy...
Evergrande Cup Championship
What an honor to collaborate with Evergrande Group and present the inauguration of the Evergrande Cup Championship in the Spanish National Football Team Field with the presence of the Chinese Ambassador to Spain.
16 of the best international eams U16 and U15, including Inter Milan, Atletico de Madrid, Shalke 04, Oporto, compete these days alongside Guangzhou Evergrande in Madrid.
Thanks to Efe, Europa Press, Xinhua, Diario del Pueblo, Titan, CCTV, el Confidencial, Eurosport, Libertad Digital, La Vanguardia, El Imparcial, Ouhuabao, Lianheshibao, Ouzhou Shibao, Eulam, Xiyoubang and the rest of the media outlets that came to the inauguration and helped us communicate such an interesting initiative by Evergrande Group and Evergrande Football School
Angela Qi presents Real Madrid - Manbetx Agreement
My amazing wife, Angela Qi, presented this week a sponsorship agreement for Asia between Real Madrid and Manbetx in the Bernabéu Stadium with Emilio Butragueño, Institutional Relations Director of Real Madrid, Álvaro Arbeloa, former Real Madrid player and the Director of Sponsorships of Manbetx.
Here you can find my wife presenting other football related events with Carles Puyol, Guti, Morientes, Fernando Sanz, and LaLiga gala event a couple of years ago, with 150 televisions live, speaking in spanish and being absolutely cool about it when I was so nervous. She is from another planet.

Angela Qi presents soccer show about the spanish soccer league for Manbetx collaboration with LaLiga
Thanks to Arowana Sports, sports consultancy founded by my admired Alfonso Roberes and Borja Couce, for inviting Angela to be the presenter of the show about the Spanish football league as part of the agreement between Manbetx and LaLiga.
Funny enough, my Chinese wife knows now everything about spanish football, from the table and standings to the shirts, the temperature of the matchdays and even the amount of goals scored by Real Madrid to Espanyol in official matches, and I don´t know nothing about it.
Together we can do anything
Let me know if you need anything or would like to collaborate.
Be great,

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