viernes, 15 de febrero de 2019

Carlos Sentís speaks about World Influencer Alliance Education at Francisco de Vitoria University, Iberia and Aena Chinese New Year campaigns, Angela Qi interviews soccers tars at LaLiga

Yesterday I had the privilege to share our World Influencer Alliance initiative and career advice to this group of students of Francisco de Vitoria University.

Some of them came to thank me afterwards and sent me appreciation messages that meant the world to me. If I can get, at least, one of them, to be happier, more succesful and provide more value to society, I will be more than satisfied.

Education, and life, should be about becoming the best version of ourselves, finding our purpose, defining goals and setting strategies that can help us thrive and help the world become a better place. I think they liked the message and hopefully our paths will cross again soon.

I normally speak a lot, but yesterday it was like 4 hours and a half non stop. Today I should just shut up and learn something so next time I may have something new interesting to share. Thanks for everything, and thanks to the amazing Leticia Cimarra for the opportunity.


World Influencer Alliance Education initiative

These days we are making big progress with the World Influencer Alliance initiative. Focused on innovation and education we have already created our principles for the new education system, we are creating pilot programs for executive education, schools and universities and we have started working with a private school to implement some of our ideas to make education a tool to help students become better, have prosperous lives, be happy and provide more value to society. I will share with you some ideas about how to do it very soon.

Iberia and Aena Chinese New Year Campaigns
These days we have been working on the Chinese new year for clients like Iberia and Aena. Spanish airports have now our Chinese New Year campaign running.

Angela Qi (My incredible wife) interviews soccer stars at LaLiga Headquarters

Lastly, I share with you a pic of my wife interviewing soccer stars Fernando Morientes and Luis García at LaLiga Headquarters. She is spectacular.

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