martes, 26 de febrero de 2019

Carlos Sentís: Update on Speaking Engagements

Brief update on some of the events I will be part of in the following months.

This thursday I will do an experimental class at IE University where I will try to convince students about the importance of real world skills like public relations, sales or public speaking to achieve success in their careers. I am preparing some games and experiences that can help them upgrade their skillset in the hour I have with them. Let´s see how it goes!

Next tuesday I will give a lecture in IE Business School about our Social Impact project World Influencer Alliance. I always get so many ideas to improve our initiative. Really looking forward to that. Thanks to the amazing Ana Rumchinsky for the invitation.

Next friday I teach a class in the Master in International Bussiness Administration at Carlos III University. I will speak about China, International relations and international bussiness development.

The 21st of march I will do a workshop for fashion and luxury brands interested in the Chinese market. We will talk about trends, the digital landscape, Ecommerce, types of consumers, retail, marketing and keys to sell more limiting the risk of the overall operation in the country.

The 25th of march I will be speaking at the United Nations World Tourism Organization Tourism Tech Adventures Forum: Middle East in Egypt. Very excited to talk about WIA, public - private - social collaboration and for profit social impact model to solve problems and help develop local communities in a sustainable way. What a remarkable job UNWTO SG Pololikashvili, Natalia Bayona and their team are doing to foster innovation and digital transformation in the Tourism industry. Conference Website:


In May I will be sharing our project in Net Impact Conference focused in social entrepreneurship. With 350 hubs around the world, Net Impact mobilizes next-generation leaders to use their skills and careers to make a positive impact.

In june I have the great pleasure of speaking at FIN Conference in Portugal thanks to my friends Alberto Carvalho and Gabriela. You guys are incredible. Networking is going to be awesome.

In october I will speak in Horasis China US Forum in Las Vegas co-hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the China Federation of Industrial Economics. Really grateful to Horasis Chairman, Mr Frank-Jürgen Richter, and Tetyana Kretova, from IE Bussiness School.

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