domingo, 17 de noviembre de 2019

Carlos Sentís lecture on Breakthrough innovation at IE University

I share with you some images of my last lecture at IE University on Breakthrough innovation with my dear Ana Rumchinsky.

I started asking them the questions I believe should define who we are and every step we take in life: What is your biggest mission in life? What is your biggest ambition? What is the thing that would make you the proudest? The thing that you would regret not having done if you were about to die? What legacy do you want to create?

I know very well, from almost 10 years ago already, what the answer to that question is for me. I want to generate the biggest possible contribution to society and the environment before I pass away. I am well aware of my limitations and how frugal our lives are and how insignificant most of the things we do and worry about are. I know how difficult it is to convince others to do anything, how difficult it is to solve problems, how many unintended consequences any act we do have, even if we do it with the goal of improving things.

But I know that I can only be at peace with myself if I do my best to provide value to others, if I work hard to expand my capacities and resources to generate a more positive influence to more organizations and individuals. I know the path is long and difficult, but it is also exciting and meaningful.

I was amazed to know the answer to those questions had, for the majority of the class of roughly 40 students, was to generate some kind of impact with their lives, something very different to what you would hear a few years ago. I remember, because it was not so long ago, that the answer to that question from my students was, for the most part, to make money, travel the world and be happy. Things are changing, culture is changing, and it is doing so in the right direction.

There is so much to do, there are so many problems, we have so many limitations that sometimes it can be overwhelming. But it is also true that we have never been in a better position, with better tools, with a better education, better connectivity and with a better mission for our lives. Together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Let us innovate together to make the world a better place. Let us live meaningful lives while enjoying the beautiful parts, learning from the challenging ones, and taking care of ourselves and our loved ones. Let us find ways to generate impact while creating successful prosperous careers. Let us save the world, make money and be happy, thus without any of those three, we will definitely struggle at some point.

All the best to all of you, thank you to IE for all the beautiful experiences you allow me to live, and thanks to all the students for your time and passion. We are unstoppable.

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