domingo, 5 de abril de 2020

Carlos Sentís - Alibaba Online Workshop on Impact Tourism - Tourism for good - International marketing campaigns (Chinese)

It has been a true privilege to share our experience in marketing and international relations with more than 2000 tourism professionals from China in this workshop organized by Alibaba, Alibaba Cloud and China Tourism Media Group.
Amazed to be a part of conversation groups that involve more than 20.000 people from Government Officials to Airline, Hotel and travel sector.
I shared marketing channels, tools and initiatives, sales strategy, public relations, B2B collaboration, influencer campaigns and, the thing I was most excited about, our ideas on impact tourism. How to leverage the tourism industry to generate social impact, how to use the travel sector to empower tourists to solve problems while enjoying destinations, living unique experiences while being a part of the solution for the challenges of local communities. So happy that the comments we got were positive, and so looking forward to developing projects with this focus very soon.
It was my first Live streaming Workshop and it was a really interesting experience. The whole session was conducted in Chinese but I will share materials in case you are interested.
Thanks again for the invitation. In these moments of uncertanty we need to connect more than ever. I am incredibly happy to see how people are collaborating through videoconference sessions, how millions of kids are going to school digitally, how training sessions are conducted online and how we are using the power of technology to move forward despite how difficult the situation is.

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