domingo, 5 de abril de 2020

Carlos Sentís full video message in arabic for the Egypt Education Sumit january 2020

Arabic - English video message for the Scholarships and Awards Summit in Egypt

Dear all, I share with you the video message I sent for close to 2000 students and education professionals participating in the Scholarships and Awards Summit that took place yesterday in Cairo. Unfortunately, I didn´t make it to participate in person, hopefully next time.
To all my arabic speaking friends, please let me know if you can understand me, I was so concerned we added subtitles..
Honorable guests:
Let me express my gratitude to the organizers of the event for their kind invitation, and my apologies to all of you for not being able to be in Cairo today.
My heart is and will be with you and I hope we have opportunities to meet and to collaborate in the future.
I would love to be there in Beautiful Egypt, eating Mulukhea, enjoying your heritage, the beautiful Nile and the warmth hospitality of your people.
I love your country and I promise I will go back to Egypt soon.
Before I start, I am very sorry that my arabic is so bad.
I started studying only a month ago, and even though arabic is very beautiful, it is very difficult, and possibly you cannot understand a word I am saying. I hope you can forgive me.
I am Carlos Sentís, founder of the World Impact Alliance, an international organization whose goal is to help making the world a better place, by finding and developing solutions for problems in education, environment, poverty and human rights.
We are bringing together remarkable people , from all over the world , to do social impact projects, finding 500 solutions for a better world, And find business ideas to generate impact
and advocating for the implementation of innovative models that can enable companies, institutions and individuals to help the millions of people that are in need.
Today is the first day of your new life.
Today, and every day, is a new opportunity to become better, to fight against all challenges, to move towards our goals and to get closer to becoming the person we aspire to be.
Today is a very important day because we are together deciding our future.
It is important because we are creating the path for a prosperous, happy and meaningful life.
Dear students, leaders, friends
Despite how lucky many of us are, we shall never forget, and must never accept, that hundreds of millions of people all over the world experience horrible tragedies every day.
All the girls that are sold for sexual exploitation, women who still suffer FGM, all the people that die and lose their loved ones as a consequence of wars. There are terrorist attacks and bombings every day, corrupt leaders that force citizens to live in horrible conditions and even starve to death to protect their own interests. There is still so much racism and discrimination, so much violence and hatred towards other cultures and religions. There are millions of refugees and forced migrants who tragically lose their lives escaping from poverty and conflict.
There is close to 1 billion people without access to clean water, without secured access to food, without proper shelter, without proper sanitation or access to quality healthcare. So many people live extremely challenging lives because of disease. Too many children don't have access to quality education and, without education, there is very little space to prosper and a huge risk for radicalization.
Life is certainly not fair. Some of us are extremely lucky and yet, often times, we take everything for granted and not recognize how privileged we are.
We cannot decide where we come from, we cannot choose what happens to us but we can decide how to respond to the challenges that we will inevitably face before we leave earth. We are not born with the same opportunities, but we all do have the opportunity of do more to improve our lives and help others. Assuming full responsibility is the only way to become better. Every crisis is an opportunity to rise and every step forward is the sign of hope we need to keep fighting for the world we aspire to live in.
You are extraordinarily powerful and capable of achieving the most incredible goals. You have a huge potential to do so much more than what you think possible, and there is so much you can do to generate a positive influence others and to help making the world a better place, that I would feel devastated if you decided to live a mediocre life, and not to do all you can to provide value to those in need while living a happy and prosperous life.
Before you start your journey, it is vital to first think what do you want to accomplish, what are your goals and your purpose, because if you don't know where you are going, it is impossible to get there. We are all different and unique, so don't live based on other people's expectations or dreams, design a life your yourself that suits you. Create your own game.
Regardless of your starting point, you need to secure the best living conditions you can for you and your family. I want you to be incredibly successful. And for that, you will need to develop skills and learn every day. Learn languages, learn how to do sales, public relations, public speaking, coding, software, video, design, writing... You will need hundreds or even thousands of contacts, you will need to adapt constantly, you will need to prove useful to others and provide value to the market. You will need to sacrifice, you will need determination, hard work, perseverance and a lot of patience. It is a long term race, don't rush.
It is not going to be easy, you will have to deal with mean bosses and clients, you will make mistakes, you will feel anxiety and stress, you will deal with rejection and failure. But everything will be worth it if you keep moving towards your goals.
Now It is your turn to decide what legacy you want to leave behind. It is your turn to be the best person you can be. It is your time to grow, to enjoy and to love.
Let us appreciate every moment. Let us build something great together. Let us live as if it was the last time. Because it may be.
Let us Save the world, make money and be happy.

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